Lug Worm

Lug Worm / Blow Lug

Lug or blow lug as it also known is found on most sandy beaches. Lug worms live in very large colonies with thousands in any one bed. Lug is also normally found just below the high water mark so you do not need to venture out as far as you would if collecting black lug. Many people will choose to dig blow lug as it is not as deep as black, however a pump can be used with ease and collection can be improved.

The way to identify blow lug is by looking on the sand and finding the “cast” and “blow hole”
lug worm cast The worm lives in a burrow that can go as deep as 2 foot during the winter months and as little as 9 inches during the summer. If digging then the best way to get the worm is to dig in front of the blow hole and cast 1 spade of sand away, then step back and take out a full spade of sand being careful to keep the spade as straight as possible, lift out the sand and normally the worm will be found in the sand you have just removed, if not then dig 1 more spade full out, depend on how deep the worm has gone will depend on how many times you have to repeat this process, however any more than 4 then you would have almost certainly missed the worm.

lug worm

A pump can be used and care should be taken when using the pump, if you have the pump set for too much suction then you will burst the worm, have the washers set to a light setting and take your time, once you have got it set correctly then you will certainly collect more blow lug using a pump than a back breaking spade. Position the pump over the blow hole and not the cast and you should get the worm in about 3 – 4 attempts.