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Otterspool – Nov 26th

December 4, 2017 Posted by Graham

Given the recent wintery showers flushing cold water down the river, Gaz and Godders weren’t overly confident of finding many fish during their session at Otterspool. However, it turned out to be a pretty decent session with 3 codling taken to 4lb 9oz. Read the full report here.

WSF/BLAS Winter League 2016 – Round 4 at THS

December 13, 2016 Posted by Graham


Round 4 of the WSF/BLAS Winter League saw us fishing high water for the first time this winter at the Seacombe Ferry end of the Town Hall stretch of promenade.  The man setting the pace in the early stages was Roy Schofield who took three nice Codling in the first half of the match with the best of them measuring 49cm.  But was it to be enough to secure the win? Find out here…

Perch Rock Codling

December 29, 2015 Posted by Graham

Perch Rock Codling

With Santa Claus having treated Roy to a new rod, reel and braid, he was keen to christen them.  And so he headed down to Perch Rock armed with a couple of wraps of frozen premium quality Hoylake suey to fish the first 2hrs of the flood. So much for the dreaded ‘new rod syndrome’, it was a fish a chuck! Read the full report here…

Town Hall Steps 26/11/15

November 27, 2015 Posted by Graham


Adam and his Dad fished the Town Hall Steps for their first proper crack at the Codling this winter. Round 4 of the WSF/BLAS match the previous weekend was a bit hit and miss but a few Codling did hit the beach, and so that, coupled with the bigger tide, was enough to give a bit of confidence that there would be a few about. Check out how they got on here…

All Fished Out

August 9, 2015 Posted by Graham

All Fished Out

After a 20 year gap Andy decided to take up fishing again. Armed with an arsenal of new gear and quality bait in the form of lug and peeler, he headed off to Llandudno Pier. Lug baits picked up a few doggies but after changing to peeler he was soon into the hounds. Read the full report here.

Heysham Plaice Hunt

March 22, 2015 Posted by Graham

Heysham March 2015

With holidays to use up, Graeme and Paul picked up some bait from Gerry’s of Morecambe and made their way to a mark at Heysham. Weed made things difficult at times however the fishing was excellent. See how they got on here

Big Eels and Flounder

January 27, 2015 Posted by Graham

Jay Conger

Jay and his mate Jason decided to take a trip over to Anglesey to target conger.  Fishing a full mackerel bait mounted on a size 10/0 hook over some seriously snaggy ground, they were soon into some good sized eels, however landing them wasn’t so easy. Find out how they got on here

Vale Park Codling

January 24, 2015 Posted by Graham

Vale Park Codling

Adam, Richie, Ian K and Brian fished Vale Park down to low. The weather was pretty much perfect with a light breeze and clear skies, however with the tide being in excess of 10m they knew it would be hard going. See how they got on here

Winter League 2014 – Round 4, Otterspool

December 17, 2014 Posted by Graham

WSF BLAS Winter League 2014 Round 4 - Otterspool

Otterspool staged Round 4 of the 2014 WSF/BLAS Winter League, fished by 15 anglers including a special guest that had flown in all the way from Lapland! A steady stream of codling were caught right from the off but it was the illusive dabs that were to decide the outcome of the match. Find out who came out on top here

Cable bay

March 27, 2014 Posted by ed


Brian managed a last minute day release so he set off from birkenhead and headed off to cable bay in search of an early ray discover how he did HERE