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Seaforth Beach 15/12/12

December 16, 2012 Posted by ed


Big Kev,Mike B,Dinglecodcatcher (Ian),Riffer,Loan Angler,Richie,Bucky fished either side of low from the beach by the radar….recent catches in the river had tailed off a bit,particularly for whiting,but this mark usually throws up a decent fish or two and that`s how it panned out.FULL REPORT HERE 

Crosby smash n grab 12/11/12

November 16, 2012 Posted by ed



mark had planned to fish Crosby for the ebb but overslept because he had been on nights. Got there and set up for 16.30 just as the tide turned…FULL REPORT HERE


October 29, 2012 Posted by ed


Arrived later than planned with Woody. Got there around 1800 met Gary who was already set up and pumping away he had had a few whiting.  Tried using my new slim pump… its harder than it looks I wasn’t doing much good so I started to set the rods up while woody was talking to the chap next to us who was helping us get a little lug pump a cast he made it look easy MORE HERE