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A super day out with the R.A.F.A lads

November 26, 2012 Posted by ed


Sparky  having no B.L.A.S match on this weekend  decided to grace the Oxton RAFA lads with his presence at their match.
Set out from Mancland in rubbish weather he wondered if he’d made a wise decision Anyway halfway along the M62 The clouds dissapeared and bright sunshine all the way..full report HERE

A few trips aboard Discovery this week…

November 8, 2012 Posted by ed


I was lucky enough to get a call from Gary to help out with a couple of charters this week aboard Discovery fishing in the Mersey.

I get a great deal of pleasure out of passing information and tips on to lads who are either complete beginners, novices or just new to fishing the Mersey… not that I’m any sort of expert :roll: …but I am only too happy to share what nuggets of knowledge I do have and to lend a helping hand with baiting up, unhooking fish and to help out with the inevitable tangles that down-tiding in the strong Mersey flow will produce :doh: FULL REPORT HERE