Simple Rigs

In this section we hope that you will be able to learn the basics of making your own end tackle. Whilst ready made rigs are generally well made, they can prove a little expensive if you suffer heavy losses.

Your choice of end tackle (rig) can prove as useful as your choice of bait, rigs that work on sandy ground may not work as well on rocky or rough ground, so it is important to carry a selection of rigs with you.

We’ve put together some information on the most common end tackle that is used around the North West. The images below can be clicked for a much larger picture, depending on your connection speed the image download time will vary. We’ve used general rig components that are available from most tackle shops. use the back button of your browser to return to this page.

2 boom rig

General all-round rig, Dabs / Plaice / Whiting / Codling.



2 Boom rig

2 hook flapper

General Shore / Boat Rig, Whiting / Dab / Plaice / Codling.



2 Hook Flapper 

3 hook flapper

Good all round shore rig and can be used from the boat as a scratching rig, Whiting / Dab / Plaice / Codling / Gurnard /   Dogfish.


3 Hook Flapper

Clipped down single hook cod rig

A distance rig used for the larger species.



Clipped down single hook cod rig.

Pully Pennel rig

A pully rig is used to ensure the fish is hooked, while the pennel makes bait presentation easier, a good Cod / Ray / Bass  rig from the beach as well as the boat.


Pully Pennel rig.

Clipped-up pennel rig

Good for presentation of the bait from the bottom of the rig, this should make your bait look a little more natural on the sea bed, good for shore and uptiding from the boat.


Clipped-up Pennel rig. 

Bass rig

A clipped up single hook, used mainly from the beach. Bass / Codling



Basic Bass rig.


A distance version of the 2 hook flapper



Bomber rig.