Razor Fish

Razor Fish
Razor fish can be a great addition to your bait. When used in a cocktail with Squid, Black Lug or Blow Lug, can give some really good results. Razor fish can be collected on the lowest tides of the year and great care should be taken when collecting them, make sure you have a safe way off the beach as well as a good knowledge of how the tide comes in and the gullies that you have crossed.

Burried Razor Fish




Once you have identified the Razor Fish, walk towards it SLOWLY. Razor Fish are very sensitive to vibration and will shoot back down their hole faster than the speed of light! Once you have hold of it DO NOT LET GO or at this stage, PULL.










Keep a tight hold of the Razor Fish until you feel it Relax, then pull upwards.









If it grips again, then wait for it to relax once more before pulling.










Remember that Razor Fish have to be a minimum size.