Bait Collection

We all use bait when going sea fishing. While many of us go to the local tackle shop to pick up our requirements, some of the bait we use is easy to collect and with a little bit of guidance could help save you money.

Black Lug (Suey) worm
One of the best rated worms to be used in the winter months while targeting Cod and Whiting, this worm is found near the low water mark on many sandy beaches.
Lug Worm
A very easy to get worm, that can produce some good results when targeting Bass as well as winter species.
Razor Fish
Found on the low water mark this bait can be a killer added to a cocktail using black lug and squid. Can be collected with some ease.
Peeler Crab
This bait can make all the difference and at certain times of the year can be easy to collect, most anglers will collect peelers and then freeze them for winter cod sessions.